CLASS, an Italy-based smart eco platform, which implements its portfolio of activities and services to embrace responsible fashion to support designers, brands, students and innovators advocating for a more sustainable and virtuous business has re-structured itself around three main areas: The Smart Tools, The Smart Academy and The Smart Source.

“In the past months the pandemic has drastically changed lives and business, accelerating ongoing processes and innovations. From e-learning to virtual communication, what it might have taken years to become a daily routine is already part of a new normality,”

Giusy Bettoni, founder and CEO of CLASS ecohub, said in a press release. In the past semester, at CLASS we have been working on new paths for sustainable and virtuous business. As the pandemic unfolded upon us, we decided to make use of such of an exceptional pause from the ordinary hustle and bustle to re-structure all our offer and to integrate our new services we have been working on even before the emergency that will serve as precious tools for the upcoming challenges and opportunities.”

The Smart Tools is the platform of responsible and traceable materials, technologies and cutting-edge innovations for both production processes and communication, all injecting sustainability into textiles, fashion collections and companies’ performance.

The Smart Academy is the rich programme of events, talks, classes and services to educate, raise awareness and inspire professionals, manufacturers, students and all those who strongly believe in sustainable values. At the cross between the two menus is The Smart Source – the formative and inspirational materials’ bank and samples e-shop for students, designers and brands willing to discover, learn more and test some of the smartest and most sustainable fabrics of the Material Hub.