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Clarification on Investment in Textile Sector in Gujarat

Published: March 11, 2019

It is learnt that a malicious attempt has been embarked upon to spread disinformation regarding investment accrued by State of Gujarat since 2014-15 in the Textile Sector.

It is re-affirmed through the Office of the Textile Commissioner that upon the perusal of project costs submitted by 7182 units in the state of Gujarat, an amount of Rs. 30,934 Cr. as investment into textile sector in Gujarat was brought to the notice of Textile Commissioner office after scrutinizing and confirming each project by Banks for which Unique Identification (UID) has been issued.

The Government of India sanctioned and released Rs. 1855 crs to aid 2109 units through 60 Banks.

This re-affirmation is to ensure that investor confidence and prospects of textile sector in Gujarat do not receive a set-back due to rumour mongering.

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