Serai, a digital B2B platform that facilitates worldwide commerce, has collaborated with renowned manufacturer CIEL Textile to map and monitor product-level order flow through their global supply chain.
To get full visibility over their worldwide supply chain, CIEL Textile will use Serai’s Traceability solution to access and integrate complicated supply chain information from different sources. Simultaneously, they will be able to gather and analyse critical indicators that will assist them in meeting their sustainability objectives.
This is the first time CIEL Textile has worked with a firm to achieve such comprehensive supply chain transparency.
CIEL Textile will be able to easily collect and manage data from their supply chain partners. Serai’s Traceability solution will help them drive operational efficiencies, manage underlying risks and eventually achieve greater transparency and trust in their extended supply chain. The company is a pioneer in striving for sustainability and innovation. It was chosen because of the scope of the traceability, flexibility of the solution and integration of global standards.