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CHOSEN’s Scalp Massager Makes it to the Elle Beauty Awards

Published: January 1, 1970

CHOSEN‘s Scalp Massager an iconic curated product meant to be used with hair growth serums, and uniquely formulated for CHOSEN’s clientele was recently nominated for the Elle Beauty Awards under the Hair care – Gadgets/Tools Category.

CHOSEN’s Scalp Massager is the perfect massager for all kinds of hair

The Scalp Massager from CHOSEN was shortlisted for the Elle Beauty Awards along with other iconic products like the Dyson Airwrap.

“Our Scalp Massager has multiple gold-plated pins, which deliver the right kind of pressure and impact, without causing undue stress. Another remarkable feature is that this massager does not cause any pulling or shear forces to the hair, which can negatively impact hair growth in someone who is already experiencing hair loss,” said Ms. Punitha Vijayakrishnan, Head of Marketing Operations, CHOSEN Store.

Scalp massage is an important way to increase the efficacy of anti-hair loss serums, as it aids better product absorption. However, many massagers that are available in the market have rotary feet that end up tangling the hair.

CHOSEN’s Scalp Massager is uniquely designed to deliver the advantages of the massage component, while completely sidestepping the problem of hair tangling and traction. A hair gadget that is much loved by users, the Scalp Massager reiterates the philosophy behind every product in CHOSEN – Safety, Efficacy, and Innovation,” Ms. Punitha added.

This Scalp Massager is available at the CHOSEN store as a stand alone product, or as part of the hair regrowth combo solutions.

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