The spread of novel coronavirus by China has hampered the trust of the entire country globally. App bans have become so frequent that the most popular apps like Tiktok, Pubg has also been banned. China is almost befriended from the global countries. This has reached at such an extent that, China tech titans believe that they shall rely on their home markets to ride out a Donald Trump-led campaign against the country, this might help China in the long-term support.

Before the spread of coronavirus, China was well-known, rather the most popular for its tech services from various firms. They had actually stormed the market with its success globally. The main components of that success were video-sharing apps and mobile phones to smartphones and sophisticated telecom infrastructure. Due to espionage concerns or diplomatic feuds, tethering their international ambitions, the huge markets of US, Australia, Britain and India have taken a hit.

An analyst at Fitch Solutions named Dexter Thillien said that, “technology is increasingly becoming a geopolitical issue ad a strategic priority” for a number of growing countries. Adjusting to this situation, the Chinese firms are unable to reach up to their international goals, yet 900 million people in their own home country are ready for grabs.

One of the reasons why Tiktok was banned in the US was because Trump administration believed that the app was used by China to track its users and conduct espionage. On this note, Washington demanded the next owner of Tiktok’s US operations to satisfy the security requirements. Alex Capri, researcher at Hinrich foundation said that, “see innovation and technology as having a direct impact on national security, the economy and social stability.” He believes this is the thinking of every country. He described this phenomenon as “techno-nationalism”.

In response to all these allegations, China denied. It is believed that Chinese players are unfairly targeted, although the country yet remains huge players on the global tech scene.

Trivium China, a Beijing-based research firm said that, “The harsh reality is that these US measures have teeth and Huawei is having to fundamentally rewire its business to deal with them.”