Cotton trouser has long been one of the most imported clothing items in the US market, and it took a pandemic to lower its market share from US $ 11.80 billion in 2019 to US $ 9.10 billion in 2020.
During the January-May ’21 period, US cotton trousers imports increased by 27.74 percent in value to US $ 4.58 billion and by 38.51 percent in quantity to 81.68 million dozen. Bangladesh maintained its lead in the cotton trouser shipping to the United States, with an annual increase of 15.76%.
China’s value-added shipping was just US $ 622.38 million (up 49.71%), implying unit pricing as low as US $ 36.50 per dozen of cotton pants. This demonstrates that China remains a prominent country in terms of providing basic goods at significantly cheaper prices than other manufacturing locations can provide!