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Chemical marker simplifies quality control and trademark protection

Published: August 29, 2020
Author: Ramgsutra

Product and brand piracy has become a problem in the textile industry in recent years. To ensure product protection and prevent brand piracy, the company Grafe Advanced Polymers GmbH, Blankenhain/Germany, has developed special chemical markers.

Highly complex pigments with special physical properties are used in very small quantities within the plastic matrix. The products equipped with them can thus be authenticated. The markers can only be detected chemically by very complex analytical procedures.
The hand-held measuring devices supplied by Grafe, using an LED display, can detect within seconds whether the unique marker is present in the product and whether the item is an original. Therefore, more complex quality inspection procedures for detecting counterfeits can be avoided.
The markers by Grafe can either be part of a standard masterbatch or simply added as special marker masterbatches. The special pigment is not damaged by the usual processing of thermoplastics, including the spinning process, and is resistant to solvents and washing solutions.


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