It is not only a difficulty for the general public but to all the government and industries, after lockdown everyone is going to have some or the other problem.

We expect from to the government to bring in some schemes for MSME. New technology mass production is one of the way out, we need to increase productivity so that it will be cost effective and the opportunities are e-commerce, wearable health monitors, video conferences, digital payments, 3D printing technology, voice mobile application, online learning, smart robotics. So basically technology transfer is very important. There will be more scope for start-ups.

We need to think product wise and make a country wise virtual cluster   and every cluster must have a technology centre and if we include all the small MSME then we may be able to compete globally. Mostly people want to know about the funding.

Majority MSME makes spares and components if we take that further in value chain so collectively capacity of MSME will increase.

We need to make a short term and a long term perspective. For these to we need to do a SWOT analysis. We need to do a quick research on many aspects like logistics, finance, technology, etc. There should be associations on state or zonal level to corporate things so this will definitely be helpful. RBI has taken up some initiatives.  There has been a lot of deceptive changes in global supply chain so, if we go into detail of this then we can find some solutions. Also a detailed planned should be made to reach out to the labours. Start-ups and joint ventures have a big role. In today’s day there is a lot of financial crisis for the bossiness owner because some have to pay to their employees, some are under a loan so they are expecting the government to help them and government is trying to do so. Bill discounting will also be taken into consideration. Energy cost will also be looked upon .Ministry of has given out information as to guide the suppliers to sell their products like masks and ventilators.