Hygiene has recently become a must for sustaining health and wellness all around the world. The world has witnessed how hygiene solutions have worked flawlessly to prevent the transmission of germs and viruses.
India has a low awareness on Hygiene solutions. BIRLACare wipes are not only good for the consumers but also for the environment. To cater to a wide section of consumers, the brand currently launched 5 different types of wipes. These include Perfumed Floral Wipes and Eco-Friendly Wet Wipes.
Fleur Pocket Tissues by BIRLACare have been introduced by Century Pulp and Paper. The product line consists of baby wipes, baby wipes, and multi-purpose wipes. According to J.P. Narain, Chief Executive Officer of Century Pulp Paper, the goal is to raise hygiene awareness. In the next few years, the firm intends to offer a slew of new HygieneWellness Solutions.
Image Source: Century Pulp & Paper