The SLH Healthcare AB in Stockholm has established a Textile Centre of Excellence in the Textile Capital of Sweden, Boras. This has been done to achieve a strong networking and to channelise support for various upcoming projects and new collaborations with the customers.

This new venture has a strategic location as it is situated in the Textile Fashion Centere and is in the vicinity of the Science Park Boras, Smart Textile and institutes like The Swedish School of Textiles and the University of Boras. This has given it an easy access to academia, research and innovation and engineering domains.

Patrik Axelson, head of technology, RnD was quoted saying that SLH has reached new milestones and this venture will help them connect with the clients from the MedTech industry. The centre will focus on
effective product development at the initial stages to save up on the costs and later can focus on scale-up of a product.

The prospective candidates and customers for the centre of excellence can visit the facility in person or remotely via HoloLens to have conversations with experts from the textile industry and engineers, learn about various processes and products, look at the sample products and try them. SLH is globally known for it medical textile products which include medical patient slings, pressure mattresses, pumps and various soft goods.