Cotton Council International (CCI), a non-profit trade association, has introduced COTTON USA Solutions, the industry’s first-of-its-kind technical consultancy programme that helps mills and manufacturers achieve greater productivity, process efficiency and ultimately profit for their businesses. The programme will officially launch on October 1, 2020.

Over the past two years, COTTON USA has established a consulting team composed of mill and spinning experts from around the world. This team, which is overseen by industry expert Joerg Bauersachs, now leads COTTON USA Solutions, bringing together decades of experience, global knowledge and unrivalled research in this leading technical consultancy.

“COTTON USA Solutions is designed so that mills and manufacturers can optimise the use of US cotton with cutting-edge offerings to transform their businesses profitably,” CCI executive director Bruce Atherley, said in a press release. “Given the industry’s current state due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the resources and expertise of this programme are more relevant to our partners than ever.”

The programme is launching with five unique, data-informed offerings: mill studies – six studies, with more in development, based on controlled on-site testing by independent third party companies to identify best practices in spinning cotton; technical seminars – one-day sessions with advice on how to use and optimise US cotton; mill exchange programme – executive-level tour of COTTON USA licensee signature mills, to exchange ideas with key textile mill leaders from around the world; 1:1 mill consults – personalised, virtual or in-person, in-depth mill examination and consultation; and mill mastery course – soon-to-be-available course of study featuring a collection of advanced practices, covering everything from raw cotton to quality control.

These solutions are designed to improve productivity and ultimately profitability at the operations level with US cotton. The suite of solutions available in the programme will continue to expand to include the latest, cutting-edge data, technologies and protocols from US cotton and will be rolled out in phases.

“COTTON USA Solutions is a true testament to the premium value that COTTON USA brings to the industry and its ongoing commitment to evolving the resources that we provide to our global supply chain partners in support of their growing business needs and demands,” Atherley said.

Offerings include a mix of partner-specific and standardised options, and will be available virtually, in addition to in-person, as Covid-19 restrictions continue. Mills and manufacturers, including COTTON USA licensees, must qualify for the programme. Upon qualification, licensees will have complimentary access, and non-licensees can access for a nominal fee.