Leading Italian knitter Carvico has established XLANCE, a whole selection of eco-sustainable fabrics designed to promote re-use, recycling and respect for our environment. In accordance with Carvico, the fabrics boast extraordinary performance concerning resistance to chlorine, ensure a perfect match, exceptional comfort and a distinctive, modern and elegant ‘Made in Italy’ style, and they are certain to revolutionize the worlds of swimwear and sportswear.

XLANCE fabrics put together XLANCE unique, high-tech elastomeric fibre plus a choice of unique and eco-sustainable yarns to meet the necessities of the market and the most recent swimwear and sportswear trends, Carvico explains.

XLANCE fabrics are resistant to chlorine, suntan lotions and oils and are also UV protective (UPF 50+).

“Moreover, they’re eco-sustainable. Carvico has always operated in the view to safeguarding the environment promoting a more sustainable manner. XLANCE fabrics stem from a long and comprehensive research procedure for entirely sustainable raw materials and production processes,” the company says.

“XLANCE elastomer is produced without the use of solvents and may be thermoset at lower temperatures compared to cloths comprising standard elastomers thereby reducing CO2 emissions and saving relevant amounts of electricity.”

“XLANCE elastomer is here blended with different eco-sustainable yarns: ECONYL (utilized in XLANCE ECO), a 100% regenerated nylon yarn from pre and post-consumer waste substances such as discarded fishing nets, carpeting pits and tulle, and a regenerated polyester yarn from PET bottles (used in XLANCE PLAY).”

“XLANCE fabrics ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort and fit the entire body like a second skin adapting and forming its curves and offering athletes assistance and maximum freedom of movement, soft and pleasant to the touch, these materials are appropriate for printing (sublimation and electronic ). XLANCE ECO is also accessible in 15 amazing colors” Sport as a lifestyle, health as a state of mind

“XLANCE World from Carvico offers a choice of high-performance fabrics perfect for coaching and competition swimwear, which can satisfy the needs of every athlete without worrying about a distinctive 100% made in Italy style and glamour,” the company adds.


XLANCE PLAY unites XLANCE elastomer and a regenerated polyester yarn from PET bottles,

Cozy and Higher performance, XLANCE PLAY is warmer and Softer, extremely pleasant to the touch. XLANCE PLAY is the ideal cloth If you want to customize and personalize your garments.

XLANCE ECO combines XLANCE elastomer and ECONYL a 100% Nominal nylon dye from pre and post-consumer waste materials such as discarded fishing nets, carpeting pits and tulle

Two unique materials giving life to an ultra-soft cloth with a superb hand texture. XLANCE ECO boasts a very bright and slick sheen effect. High performance, elegant and glamorous, it is Perfect for competition swimwear.

Author: Millionaires