Carrington Textiles has partnered with logistics experts Berry & Donaldson to set up a new storage facility and freight route to reduce lead times and provide stock-supported solutions to the rising African market.

The bonded warehouse is based in the centre of the busy port of Durban providing easy links to many destinations with weekly sailings and strong rail links that offer a flexible logistics solution for the surrounding regions. This facility will be holding over 1 million metres of stock supported items and bespoke customer requirements.

Part of the stock held in this new facility is produced at Carrington Textiles International, a new textile dyeing and finishing factory located in Lahore that will provide up to 20 million metres a year of dyed and white fabric to customers worldwide.

By opening a warehouse in the South African port of Durban with a large amount of stock available, the company ensures lead times are reduced considerably, with only eight days to port into Madagascar and less than five days into the local African market, compared to the previous route from Asia and the EU of 34 and 38 days respectively.

This strategic move by Carrington Textiles, means that customers will benefit from shorter lead times with a positive impact to their cash flow, and the flexibility to select stock ‘off the floor’.

“This investment is testament to the importance of the region to Carrington Textiles and will further boost our long-term growth in the area,” says Charles Wilson, Sales Manager at Carrington Textiles.