Fashion advocate, Canopy, is airing a series of ads called ‘Solutions Are Sexy’ at London Fashion Week (LFW).

The aim of the ads are to show a variety of sustainable solutions to clothes waste, Next Generation Solutions: fabrics can be made from discarded materials and packaging can be produced from waste straw. The results of this will save trees, reduce landfill waste and protect the climate.

Nicole Rycroft, executive director of Canopy, said in a statement: “It’s time to teach our old clothes new tricks. This is a turn-around decade for our climate, and the fashion sector doesn’t have to trade-in sexy to do it.

“Next Generation Solutions are here and ready for the industry to take them to the runway and onto high street. It’s time to slip into something more sustainable.”


This packaging was created from 100 percent wheat straw residue left after the grain harvest in NE China, by North American Green Pulp.

This dress is from Zara and it is 100 percent Refibra lyocell, created from 20 percent pre-consumer recycled cotton and 80 percent tree fibre from the Canopy ‘green shirt’ producer.

The benefit of going ‘green’

Recycling 25 percent of the world’s waste cotton into new textiles could replace 150 million trees currently logged each year to make 6.5 million tonnes of viscose produced annually.

LFW’s theme this year is environmental sustainability, and Canopy will be showcasing its ads throughout the fashion show.

Rishika Keyal