Calik Denim, a Turkey based textiles company, has published 2018-2019 sustainability report, a story of its sustainability journey, developed under passion for denim, passion for life strategy which is built upon three pillars. They are leading innovative products, creating a positive impact for/with stakeholder and reducing impact on the environment.
In the report, Calik Denim transparently shares its economic, environmental, social and governance performance under those main pillars.
The report found that Calik’s product development and innovation investments on profitability ratio has raised 31 per cent. Calik invested approximately 2 per cent of its revenue in R&D operations in 2019. And as of the end of 2019, the share of income from the sustainable product category in revenue was 8 per cent.
The report, prepared according to GRI standards, includes the progress towards the company’s 2025 sustainability goals and its contributions to the sustainable development goals.
Further, the report stated that 2 per cent of Calik Denim suppliers consist of local suppliers; and 10 per cent of suppliers were subjected to environmental and social audits in 2019. Also, 6.4 per cent of the cotton purchased in 2017 by Calik Denim increased to 20.1 per cent in 2019.
Calik Denim believes in the importance of growing sustainably together in the denim sector and welcomes all relevant stakeholders to join its sustainability journey.
Company has also planned to install and begin using a rooftop photovoltaic power station at the Malatya Factory which is expected to produce 1,343 MWh of electricity per year, reduce carbon emissions by 577 tons, and help the factory save $92,500 on electricity bills.