Cadica presents its new Autumn-Winter 2022/2023 Collection – NUMBERS MATTER

By definition: “Numerology is that doctrine which gives numbers a symbolic meaning, disregarding their quantitative and mathematical value and relates them to aspects of the nature of human beings.”

From this concept Cadica decided to make numbers the protagonists of this new collection called: NUMBERS MATTER, dedicating a numerical concept to each theme, telling a story, an event or a short anecdote.

A historical date, a special place, a scientific discovery, a poem, a secret code become the new Brands that characterize each capsule of the Collection.

In the NUMBERS MATTER collection, the details of the products are closely linked to the design and trends that a particular number evokes: the colors, shapes and inspirations are derived from the meaning it expresses, its history and its symbols.

With this idea Cadica wants to present a genderless and international collection that bases its research on world-renowned cultural events.

The NUMBERS MATTER collection is divided into 4 style trends:


A collection made of powerful colors from the social explosion, expressing passion and desire to be noticed.

Ignite_video >


This capsule, was born from the idea of inclusiveness, code breaking, emotional tactility from individuality and respect, through the use of neutral colors.

Who am I_Video >


You Only Live Ones, embracing life and interpersonal relationships, self-expression, the intersection of different universes and generations, retro deco style.

Yolo _Video >


Modern impressionism, vibrant charm, constant movement with diluted shapes, use of distortion and dissolved and blended colors come together in this collection.

Artistic Haze_Video>


The new Cadica collection is created with a strong sense of responsibility, with fewer products but richer in details and ideas, a targeted collection for unisex and no gender style that will reduce waste and samples production. Mixing natural materials, organic fibers, recycled collections and wastes: our mission is to give creative but sustainable and workable suggestions for our fashion customers and partners.

That’s why Cadica Group’s AW2223 Collection can be considered 100% circular, each catalogue has the ethical choice solution with detailed technical information about the company’s and material’s certifications.

We have worked with particular attention on the new THE ETHICAL CHOICE items: felts coming from the careful recycling of plastic, combined with cool screen prints in the total preservation of nature.

Soluble accessories that disappear in the water; elegance and style emerge from bioplastics and biodegradable resins.

Packaging for E-commerce and retails made with stone paper or paper-no-paper material, natural and certified fabrics as the organic cotton GOTS.

We have created 100% biodegradable and compostable labeling, trying to give them a strong design that can be perfect also for active&tech Brands.

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali