SENSIL® BioCare by Nilit, will for sure enrich C.L.A.S.S. MATERIAL HUB with an innovative conscious and performing material, it will widen its interesting offer for the market. A market that is more and more demanding for responsible innovation as the new normal for a new generation values-oriented business.” says C.L.A.S.S. CEO and founder Giusy Bettoni.

C.L.A.S.S. MATERIAL HUB is a careful selection of smart ingredients made by some of the most cutting-edge companies and innovators across the globe. The wide range includes only transparent and traceable products, which can be natural/organic, up or re-cycled/able, or innovative and always representing a new generation of innovation that is minimizing at best its impact on people, environment, animals and oceans. We call it responsible innovation.

SENSIL® BioCare represents a new key step ahead in responsible innovation about nylon , able to provide a new conscious solution in delivering premium performances. Its durability, softness and strength can be implemented in a very broad range of applications such as intimate apparel, socks, fashion, activewear, legwear, sportswear and outdoor.

SENSIL® BioCare sustainable premium Nylon fiber is enhanced with a special technology that helps lessen the persistence of textile waste in sea water and in landfills, acting during the use of the garments and after the product’s life cycle, or disposal. During use because thanks to its embedded technology, if any microfibers of SENSIL® BioCare garments are released during washing, they will be broken down at a quicker rate compared to conventional Nylon 6.6 fibers when they end up in the oceans. Tests were conducted in both landfill soil and sea water simulations to understand the potential impact of SENSIL® BioCareon both ecosystems. Specifically, initial testing following the ASTM D6691 Standard Test Method For Determining Aerobic Biodegradation Of Plastic Materials In The Marine Environment and the ASTM D5511 Standard Test Method For Determining Anaerobic Biodegradation Of Plastic Materials Under High-Solids Anaerobic-Digestion Conditions indicates that SENSIL® BioCareyarns break down more rapidly (with a biodegradation of about 40% in 500 days) than conventional nylon. These promising findings point to reduced waste accumulation in both oceans and landfills.

And to prove once more its commitment towards ocean protection NILIT, owner of the sustainable brand SENSIL®, has teamed up with The Ocean Foundation’s Blue Resilience Initiative to reestablish and safeguard essential ocean meadows and other coastal habitats. These marine grasslands, which are being damaged at a rate of two football fields every hour, are vital ecosystems for sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere, thus reducing global warming and ocean acidification. In addition, ocean grasslands sustain sea life, defend coast lines against erosion and storm surge, and support economies around the world.

NILIT and The Ocean Foundation can affect both sides of the ocean health equation and, together, make a more substantial impact on the well-being of our oceans and our planet.” says Sagee Aran, Head of Global Marketing NILIT.

Last but not least, some highlights on NILIT’s corporate commitment: their plant in Israel who produce SENSIL® BioCare boosts  renowned certifications such as GRS (Global Recycled Standard)*, ISO 9001**, ISO 14001*** and ISO 45001****. Moreover, the company has already announced that all other plants in  the USA, China and Brazil will be ISO 14001 certified within 2021 and ISO 45001 certified within 2025. Worth to mention, 40% of Nilit’s team is made up of women.