C.L.A.S.S. has launched Smart Tools platform comprising of applications, services, production technologies for making smart fabrics and yarns. C.L.A.S.S., which is headquartered in Italy, is a reference point in the fashion and textile business for brands, designers, manufacturers, students, and all those determined to make fashion smarter.
The Smart Tools platform features four main sections; The Material Hub, Back in The Loop, Process x Progress; and Future Devices. Together, they empower professionals to design with sustainable ingredients, innovate according to circular economy, develop responsible production processes, and implement digital sustainability, according to a press release by C.L.A.S.S.
The Material Hub features a careful selection smart fabrics, ingredients and yarns by some of the most cutting-edge companies and innovators across the globe. The wide range includes only transparent and traceable products, which can be natural/organic, up or re-cycled/able, or innovative. Our team constantly monitors and explores the epicentres of innovations selecting and collecting the best practices.

The Material Hub includes Bacx by Centro Seta, Bemberg by Asahi Kasei, Dyntex, Eco sensor by Asahi Kasei, Imbotex, E.C.O. Kosmos by Italian Converter, Eastman Naia, Re.VerSo, Roica by Asahi Kasei, and Tintex Textiles. Back In The Loop is a C.L.A.S.S. section dedicated to alternative and sustainable sourcing. Because nothing is created or destroyed, we can’t afford for any of it to get wasted. Partners in this section are deeply committed to inject circular economy into fashion.
Process X Progress focuses on the art of producing fashion sustainably and out of the box. The innovations of Process x Progress encompass all the single steps of the supply chain: from smart machines’ performances, to dyeing, finishing and all the possible applications and nobilitations from the fields to distribution logistics. To inaugurate such division, we also announce the category’s first resident and C.L.A.S.S.’ brand-new partner: Santoni, Italy’s first sock knitting machine manufacturer, renowned for its responsible and functional engineering approach. Its ultimate achievement, the X-Machine, is the first seamless knitting machine allowing to create almost entirely a shoe guaranteeing at the same time high definition and sharpness of colour without wasting a single yarn of material. Future Devices tunes with digital sustainability, the ultimate frontier of innovation, and features digital and visionary tools to promote and communicate responsible fashion.