Techno Design GMBH (“Techno Design”), a German group subsidiary of PDS, entered an exclusive strategic worldwide sourcing collaboration with Gerry Weber, according to PDS Limited (“PDS”), the global fashion infrastructure firm.

One of the biggest fashion and lifestyle companies in Europe, Gerry Weber is situated in Halle/Westphalia, Germany. It combines three powerful brands under one roof: GERRY WEBER, TAIFUN, and SAMOON, all of which are associated with high-quality, trend-driven modern classic fashion. With a presence in more than 54 countries since its founding in 1973, Gerry Weber has established itself as one of Germany’s most recognisable brands.

As part of the deal, Techno Design will take over Gerry Weber’s current sourcing activities and meet all of the brand’s international sourcing requirements. Using Techno Design supervise the selection and oversight of production facilities, capacity planning, and input for product development. The brand’s compliance, sustainability, and quality standards will all be met by Techno Design.

Rajive Ranjan, a seasoned veteran with more than 25 years of expertise in the fashion sector, is in charge of Techno Design, a significant PDS subsidiary. Techno Design offers a highly competitive sourcing structure that supports agility and proximity to the consumer and enables retailers and brands to increase their profitability through strategic sourcing and favourable credit terms. Techno Design is known for its innovative and vertically integrated end-to-end sourcing solutions for apparel, home textiles, and hard goods. With its headquarters in Germany, Techno Design is present all over the world. offices for sourcing can be found in countries like Turkey, China, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. Additionally, by providing an agile and adaptive sourcing platform as a part of PDS, Technowill support the diversification of the present sourcing mix and help Gerry Weber adjust to the shifting market requirements.

We trust the brand and are eager to collaborate with Gerry Weber in a genuine strategic collaboration. As a team, we are dedicated to giving Gerry Weber customers the finest possible product, according to Rajive Ranjan, Managing Director of Techno Design GmbH.

CEO of Gerry Weber International AG, Angelika Schindler-Obenhaus, said of the deal: “Techno Design delivers other essential conditions for a successful alliance and has a very strong reputation in the market. Financial stability, prior experience leading a sourcing organisation, and and creativity. We also established a foundation of trust with one another very soon. Maximal continuity is everything to us and Techno Design. One thing is certain: our strengths should continue to be quality, fit, and delivery dependability.

“With the latest partnership with Gerry Weber, Techno Design will once again demonstrate their ability and operational excellence working with an iconic global brand,” stated Pallak Seth, Executive Vice Chairman of PDS. In order to give innovation and comprehensive sourcing solutions, PDS and our group companies are leveraging their capabilities and global networks. This allows retailers to focus on what they do best.

The company’s group CEO, Sanjay Jain, adding, “Over the past two years, PDS’ bespoke sourcing solutions have been meeting brands’ and retailers’ needs with an creative plug-and-play solutions for all of their manufacturing and sourcing requirements. PDS has assembled a variety of specialised solutions, such as sourcing as a service and brand management services, and is currently expanding to take on all of a brand’s international sourcing activities. In order to stay ahead of the curve and continue to be an important partner in the global fashion value chain, we also continuously innovate our offerings.