With Silbo’s help, Mondi, a leader in environmentally friendly paper and packaging, upgraded pallet wrapping from plastic stretch film to Mondi’s kraft paper Advantage StretchWrap. At its facility in Ory, Poland, Silbo installed the first EW Technology PaperWrap machine and now offers more environmentally friendly flexible packaging for a variety of its clients, including those that supply fruits and vegetables.

The Advantage StretchWrap from Mondi is created without plastic or coating and from fibres that have been ethically sourced. It is completely recyclable in current paper waste streams and is made from wood, a renewable resource, aiding the shift to a circular economy. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that was commissioned by Mondi revealed that Advantage StretchWrap outperforms traditional plastic stretch film in a number of crucial environmental impact categories. categories. The paper offers strong protection for a variety of commodities during transportation because to its remarkable puncture-resistance and high stretch qualities.

Because Mondi, Silbo, and EW Technology have a close working relationship, the transition from plastic film to paper has been made possible. The fully automated machine can handle a whole reel of Advantage StretchWrap without the need to rewind it. In order to save time and money, a replacement for the Advantage StretchWrap reel only needs to be made every 400–600 pallets as opposed to every 40–80 pallets for plastic wrapping.

“We are passionate about assisting international producers in making the switch from plastic packaging to more sustainable alternatives and are well-known for our innovative technology and global reach,” says Marcin Piewok, CEO of Silbo. distributive system. This development will have a significant impact on all of our customers and their end users while also bolstering our reputation for sustainability. We have completely enjoyed working with Mondi and EW Technology throughout the entire process, and we are genuinely delighted to be among the first businesses to integrate Advantage StretchWrap into our supply chain.

“This is a big step for the entire packaging sector and highlights our MAP2030 goals,” says Bartosz Babicz, Product Manager for Advantage StretchWrap at Mondi, “to use paper as a renewable and recyclable material to keep goods in circulation and decrease waste. We have collaborated to help Silbo achieve its own sustainability targets. Plastic film and Advantage StretchWrap both provide effective alternatives. products still get the same protection, with a very important benefit: the installation offers a sustainable solution for all of Silbo’s customers, improving the sustainability journey of all their pallets on a global scale.”