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Safety Work Wear :- A Unique concept for universal protection

Published: July 13, 2020

Human life is continuously interacting with various organic and inorganic matters for its own survival.  In this intercourse some matters are dangerous for human life, may be organic, biological or inorganic compounds. Human evolution shows continuous struggle to save the life from such dangers either individually or collectively. Emergences of various sciences are creation of different tools and technologies to protect human from such unwanted and fatal elements. Life sciences developing means to prevent biological changes due to unwanted excess material, impact of pathogens and paths of infections. Whereas engineering working on tools and technology to separate out such unwanted matters or pathogens from human life, technology may be electronic, mechanical or textile. Textile playing a major part in safety work wear and developing many tools and techniques to protect human life from different type of dangers. We are continuously working hard in order to develop safety wear.

Safety wears are really first and preventive step to save human life from any kind of danger though these may differs in design material or techniques as per requirement. In our analysis we have found there are many issues in various kind of safety wear which are very much understood after Covid-19 pandemic, people forced to wear safety wear (popularly known as PPE). It’s better to have an understanding about these factors which make these safeties wear adaptable in day to day working at contagious work space.

  1. Cost factor- Frontline staffs, which arehighest probability of exposure to pathogens, chemical pollutants or other hazards, could not afford the cost of these safety wear particularly single use.
  2. Suffocation- Its one of biggest flaw of common safety wear as frontline staff don’t have facility of air conditioner or other aeration facility at work place.
  3. Restriction of movement- Safety wears restricting movement and comfort at work place.
  4. Comfort- Most of the safety wear are not comfortable at work station

A. Manish Kumar Gupta, Member of Institution of engineers and textile engineer by profession have been studied this since few years and present a unique design for Safety work wear with Controller General of patents long before Corona pandemic hit the world. Design having many features for prevention from contagious environment and give safety to the frontline staff with features given below-

B. Ergonomically designed for free body movement.

C. Partially foldable up to half body during breaks. (Patent filed for this mechanism)

D. Covering for neck area which is most susceptible for infections. (Patent filed for this mechanism)

E. Attached 3 layer antibacterial and antiviral mask.

F. Available in different sizes for better body fir and movement.

G. Unisex in design.

H. Can be disinfected or Washed as per requirement.

I. Providing Thermal Shield for people working in high altitude or very low temperature areas.

(UPTTI, Kanpur taking a project on this mechanism for students on this mechanism)

After analysis we found it a very sophisticated design mechanism for common safety of frontline staff in order to protect from various pathogens, chemical pollutants, aerosols and other hazardous substances in contagious work place. Material selection can be done as per requirement. It is clear that this Safety work wear (Trade mark Caracape) is very much useful front line staff for below areas.

           Size View                  Upper Folded during breaks

  • Flight Crew, Airport security personnel.
  • Police personnel, press reporters and security staff working in infected areas.
  • Medical staff working in Non Corona ward.
  • Clinical dispensary staff and OT staff.
  • Industrial Staff,housekeeping staff, municipal staff.
  • Shopkeepers/ Beauty parlour and salon employee.
  • Delivery boys and courier delivery boys.
  • People working in crowded areas.
  • People working in poultry farm, Pig farm, and dairy farm.
  • People working in chemical and paint industry.

Manish K Gupta

Director and Cofounder of Fliqus Support System

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