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Published: May 18, 2023

An cooperation between Renewcell and TextileGenesis was announced as a joint effort to extend the traceability of Renewcell’s Circulose recycled raw material throughout the whole textile supply chain.

The collaboration, presented at a trade show called Challenge the Fabric, enables Renewcell to use TextileGenesis’ digital token technology to communicate real-time digital traceability with clients and supply chain partners. The network uses Fibercoins digital tokens to validate the point of origin and do away with double counting, ensuring secure custody throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to retail.

Circulose, a biodegradable raw material from which viscose, lyocell, modal, acetate, and other synthetic cellulosic fibres can be created, is produced by Renewcell’s unique technology, which also recycles cotton and other cellulosic textile waste. Then, these recovered fibres are spun into yarns, Before being cut and made into new high-quality textile items, fibres are woven or knitted into fabrics.

By supporting a circular process that lessens the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills, the cooperation advances the sustainable fibre sector.

With its AI engine, TextileGenesis already collaborates with companies that make fibre, including Lenzing AG, Eastman, and Birla Cellulose.

“We have the ability to make a pulp, branded as Circulose, made from 100% textile waste that is actually recyclable again,” stated Patrik Lundstrom, CEO of Renewcell. Circulose(r) can produce new fibres of comparable quality while minimising the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills.Additionally, we want a reliable and open supply chain to guarantee the reliability of goods created with cellulose from all the way from the retail customer to our facilities. TextileGenesis contributes that in this regard.

The inventor and CEO of TextileGenesis, Amit Gautum, continued, “Renewcell has designed a genuinely circular process to manufacture Circulose. To ensure authenticity and transparency throughout the whole supply chain and to their brand and retail partners, TextileGenesis works with Renewcell.


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