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Karnataka – Molakalmuru

Published: April 18, 2020


Molakalmuru Saree is the traditional silk which is weaved in the Molakalmuru, Chitra Durga district of Karnataka . In 2011, it has been granted geographical indication tag and its tag number is 53. Weaving is the major occupation of the place. It has sought a place in the global market because of the quality of silk sarees that are being manufactured.

Molakalmuru sarees are predominantly sold in Karnataka and a certain share is sold in the neighbouring states of Karnataka and a small portion is sold in the rest of the country.

Handloom weavers at Molakalmuru employ highly intricate weaving techniques and produce silk sarees that are unmatched quality. Molakalmuru sarees are predominantly woven in the three-shuttle looms and the speciality of these sarees is their abstract temple moul. Weavers from Molakalmuru also produce designer sarees consisting of ethnic multi-design and multicolour combinations and such sarees consume up to 40 days to be weaved. Thus, Molakalmuru offers extensive variety of silk sarees to choose from.

Details – 

Number of handlooms – 1500

Number of weaver 4500

Handloom products – molkalmuru saree, dress material yardages.

Cluster Accessibility –

Molakalmuru is well connected with Roadways, Railways

Roadways -28.5 km away from Pulacharla village bus stop.

Railways- 1km away from Molakalmuru railway station

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