According to Union minister Piyush Goyal, India is increasing its rupee trade with a number of nations, many of which are in the advanced stages of negotiation and agreement. He was speaking in front of an audience in New Delhi, India, at the CII Partnership Conference 2023. The government expects to cooperate with the UAE soon, as Singapore and India recently did with the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

India’s ministry of micro, small, and medium businesses (MSMEs) is working on digitalization, and as a result, the nation is creating digital public goods for the rest of the world to utilise, according to a news release from the ministry of commerce and industry in India.

“Now is the moment to use relationships and collaborations to solve the The world is currently dealing with a number of issues. In comparison to other competing economies, India currently offers various competitive advantages. We are putting a greater emphasis on high-quality products while also taking advantage of economies of scale, especially given the sizable domestic market we provide to foreign companies and investors who come to work in India as well as to our friends who do business with us, according to Goyal.

In order to finance the global economic recovery, he continued, a robust and flexible international institutional structure is required