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Himanchal Pradesh – Kullu

Published: April 18, 2020


Kullu Valley falls under temperate himalayan region. During the pre-independence era clothes from industrialized regions couldn’t reach the valley due to lack of transportation facilities. Initially the people of Kullu used to weave Patti which is 18″, 20″ or 22″ wide, and having an appropriate length to fulfil the bare necessity of covering their body and protecting themselves of severe cold. With time, shawls are now manufactured in a wide variety of patterns and the use of vegetable dyes is in trend.

The designs are created in geometrical pattern with multicolour effect in twill tapestry weaving technique which requires high skill. Many coloured threads in weft are

inserted as per design which is woven totally on the skill of the artisans, not any textile software or device is used to create design.

Details – 

Number of handlooms 6500

Number of weavers – 20,000

Handloom products shawls, jackets, carpets, scarves.

Cluster Accessibility –

Kullu is well connected with Roadways.

Roadways 6 km away from Himachal Parivahan Nigam, Kullu bus stop,

Railway -40 km away from Mandi Railway Station

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