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Gujarat – Bhuj

Published: April 18, 2020


Bhuj Cluster falls under Gujarat State in Kutch district. It is very famous for the handicraft products. In handloom, the major product of cluster includes Woollen Shawls and Stoles. Traditional method of weaving shawl in famous world wide.

Dhabla or desi shawl has been the basic necessity of rural life, so the major chunk is consumed in that area only. The rough wool collected from sheep is the major raw material used by the vankar community living in the oasis like villages of kutch. The raw wool is coloured with vegetable dyes in the deed tint for both warp and weft threads, A pit shuttle loom with simple up and down technique is used to weave the shawl.
There is also a tradition of surface designing of wollen and silk fabrics by tying and dying it in “Bandhej” style to produce beautiful shawls, stoles and sarees etc.

Details – 

Number of handlooms – 500

Number of weavers – 900

Handloom products – woollen shawls, stoles.

Cluster Accessibility –

Bhuj is well connected with Roadways, Railways and Airways,

Roadways – 20 km away from State Transport Bus Stand, Bhuj.

Railways – 20 km away from Bhuj railway station.

Airways- 25km away from Bhuj airport

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