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Grupo Kaltrex Gained Benefits From Monforts Upgrades

Published: March 1, 2023

One significant advantage of the dyeing, finishing, and coating machines designed and engineered by Monforts from its headquarters in Germany and manufactured at its Austrian plant is their durability.Textile companies investing large sums of money in new manufacturing lines rely on the durability of the company’s product lines, which is why there are an estimated 2,000 Monforts machines in operation worldwide, some of which were installed more than 30 years ago.

This does not preclude them from benefiting from many of the subsequent advances in performance and automation made by Monforts.


“Our machines are known for their toughness and long service life, but the retrofitting of specific modules with new control and communication protocols has increased their reliability.” “Drive technology can have a significant impact on the performance of an existing line, going far beyond the simple replacement of spare parts,” says Monforts marketing manager Nicole Croonenbroek. “If you’re attending the ITMA show in June this year, please stop by Hall 18, stand B106, where we’ll be happy to discuss the variety of modifications and modernisations that can be made to improve existing lines at any time.”

Monforts’ recent major modification project for Grupo Kaltex in Mexico City, Mexico, on a Montex stenter that was first commissioned in 1995, is a good example of what can be accomplished.Grupo Kaltex is a vertically integrated textile company with divisions producing synthetic fibres, yarns, and fabrics. It There are also garment and home textile divisions that export internationally.

Monforts recently modified the Kaltex finishing plant by exchanging the entire switch cabinet – pre-assembled and tested in Germany – and replacing all control panels to the latest technical specifications, with new frequency converters, transport drives, and a gearbox, as well as modifications to the circulation fans. Furthermore, the Montex stenter has full PLC control, a 24-inch touchscreen PC control, and the most recent Monforts visualisation software.

Energy conservation

“On the electrical side, the machine is now running perfectly, and unplanned stops have been completely eliminated,” reports Alejandro Matus, administrative manager of finishing at Kaltex. “In addition, we are saving a significant amount of energy.”

Monforts is becoming more popular. being asked to advise its existing customers on new energy-saving options such as the Monforts universal Energy Tower- a flexible, free-standing air/air heat exchanger for recovering heat from thermal process exhaust air flow. Depending on the exhaust air volume and operating temperature, this can result in a 30% reduction in the energy consumed by a line.

Another retrofitting option is a Monforts Eco Booster, which is completely integrated into the chamber design of the Montex stenter. It can be added to existing ranges as a single cutting-edge heat recovery system with automatic cleaning. Only one module is required for ranges with up to eight chambers to achieve significant energy savings.

Furthermore, the Eco Booster consumes very little water. During the cleaning cycle, the entire process is automatically controlled and monitored.

The Matex Eco Applicator is an alternative to the traditional padding process for energy-efficient finishing and significant savings in treated fabric drying. A precise amount of chemical can be applied to the fabric, requiring less drying capacity in the stenter.”When compared to buying a new machine, upgrades are a low-cost investment with well-defined benefits,” Nicole Croonenbroek concludes. “With almost 140 years of experience, Monforts is the right partner to assist valued customers in offering retrofits to help with enhanced production, sustainable operation and energy savings. All of the above measures are also applicable to used Monforts machinery.


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