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Freudenberg Introduces a Line of Interlining with 100% rTPE Base Composition

Published: April 5, 2023

A 100 percent recycled thermoplastic elastomers (rTPE) base content interlining series is being added to Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel’s (Freudenberg) Super Elastic Interlinings Line. These new products reflect Freudenberg’s ongoing commitment to high-quality and sustainable solutions, with responsible products in every season, while also taking into account the expanding use of elastic interlinings in clothing and building on the tenets of Freudenberg Performance Materials’ Apparel’s House of Sustainability.

The new, 100 percent rTPE base content interlinings are available in weights ranging from 40 to 90 g/m2, and they have a wide range of applications, from elastic woven fabrics that call for medium to heavy weights, like denim, maternity clothing, or casual wear, to lightweight knit fabrics used in leggings and sports bras. The new interlinings offer outstanding elasticity and sustainability without sacrificing quality. maintain fantastic recovery powers.

Freudenberg provides interlinings from the XB and UE Series in addition to the recently introduced interlinings with 100 percent rTPE base material. Nonwoven interlinings from the XB Series come in weights ranging from 40 to 72 g/m2, are pleasant to the touch, and have a great washability. These interlinings can be used in both the athletic and fashion industries in places like leggings’ waistbands and cuffs.

The UE Series offers exceptional elasticity, solid support, and weights ranging from 153-220 g/m2. Moreover, the mesh construction offers good breathability and can be used in sports bras and other clothing dependable goods for every season

The House of Sustainability for Apparel from Freudenberg Performance Materials is a significant project created to help clients improve the sustainability of their striving towards a more sustainable future using clothing products. Freudenberg promotes environmentally and socially responsible clothing throughout all manufacturing seasons by providing the newest developments and solutions from its House of Sustainability that combine both practical and environmental advantages.

The 100% rTPE base content interlinings, which were introduced for the summer manufacturing season, lessen the requirement for virgin materials in clothing while also reducing the demand for the extractive techniques required to generate such materials. In addition, using recycled materials decreases waste in landfills and the oceans when taking full-garment lifecycle management into account.

Freudenberg will keep producing new solutions that are better for consumers and the environment through continual technological and operational development.

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