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Featured on the list of America’s Most Innovative Businesses is Milliken & Company

Published: April 4, 2023

This year marks the first time that the diversified manufacturer Milliken & Company has appeared on the list of America’s Most Innovative Businesses. The America’s Most Innovative Businesses list, which is presented by Fortune and Statista Inc., honours organisations from all 50 states that excel at innovation from all angles.

President and CEO Halsey Cook of Milliken says, “At Milliken, we draw on our materials science expertise to maintain a portfolio of more than 11,000 products utilised in the textile, specialty chemical, floor covering, and healthcare industries. “Innovation is a core virtue and is deeply ingrained in our culture,” the author said.

On the 2023 list, there are 11 businesses in the industrials category, including Milliken. Statista conducts expert and employee interviews to gauge product and process improvements, and works with LexisNexis to measure the volume and value of a business’s patents. The top 300 American businesses are named as America’s Most Innovative Businesses after these three factors are combined to produce a final score.

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