REVECOL® by ERCA is a ground-breaking invention that allows the whole textile industry to benefit from the upcycling of a vital waste product, such as used vegetable cooking oil. It is a new generation, complete, safe, certified, and high performance line of chemical auxiliaries.

“REVECOL® by ERCA is the missing component that further raises the measured and certified degree of responsibility in textile production, thanks to its new generation of chemical auxiliaries and circular DNA. It can add the green chemical component, which is important for today’s fashion consumers. Giusy Bettoni, CEO & Founder of C.L.A.S.S., states that it is “completely in line with C.L.A.S.S. responsible innovation values.”

“The addition of REVECOL® by ERCA to the C.L.A.S.S. platform confirms ERCA’s pursuit of highly innovative and ethical solutions, but above all Fabio Locatelli, Head of Textile BU ERCA S.p.A., urges “all a further strong voice in the market for even more widespread sharing of next-generation solutions in the industry, in order to achieve a true and more comprehensive sustainable wardrobe.”

A significant advance for circularity in textiles and for research: A new generation of high-performing textile chemical auxiliaries, REVECOL® (Recycled Vegetable Cooking Oil) is made from used vegetable cooking oil. Thus, for the first time, this stage of the textile supply chain may also employ materials in a circular manner, enhancing the completed product’s true sustainability. Additionally, a whole selection of auxiliary chemicals are available to match the criteria, so it’s not simply one product. circularity while providing superior outcomes in terms of performance and quality.

The product of ongoing research at ERCA, REVECOL® is actually made from vital waste materials (exhausted vegetable oils) that are converted into a line of cutting-edge chemical auxiliaries for the entire textile industry and its various applications, from knickers to home textiles, thanks to a manufacturing process that is safe and environmentally friendly. Circular DNA, certification, safety, excellent performance, and adaptability on every kind of textile fibre, whether virgin or recycled, are just a few of the distinctive features of this full line of products.

REVECOL® by ERCA has received the most significant certifications in acknowledgment of its distinctive and revolutionary qualities, including GRS, RCS, listed into ZDHC Chemical Gateway, bluesign®, and GOTS. We are also nearing completion of the third-party approved PCF. (Product Carbon Footprint), in addition to other international honours, including the European Community’s BAT (Best Available Techniques) certificate and the first place RESPONSIBLE CARE® award from Federchimica in Italy.

“At ERCA, we constantly search for novel solutions by creating products that are simultaneously competitive, high-performing, and sustainable. The “missing piece” for the manufacture of textile materials that allows the approach to an increasingly responsible and verified supply chain without any performance compromise is REVECOL®, which is the ideal illustration of this. Comments Fabio Locatelli is ERCA S.p.A.’s Head of Textile Business Unit.