According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the average daily output of the Dutch manufacturing sector was 0.2% lower in November 2022 than it was in November 2021. Since March 2021, there hadn’t been a contraction year over year. The output of half of all manufacturing industries fell in November on a yearly basis.

According to data from the CBS, manufacturing output decreased by 2.0% from October to November after accounting for seasonal influences and working-day patterns.

Production fell off quickly in the spring of 2020, reaching a low point in May 2020. After that, production resumed until May 2022. Since then, the trend appears to have reversed, but output is still rather high. Dutch manufacturers’ confidence increased in December 2022 as they were more optimistic about their future output.

The manufacturing sector in the Netherlands depends on the market in Germany. According to the Business Climate Index of the IFO Institute, German business owners shown increased confidence in December; they were less pessimistic about the future and more upbeat about their current condition.