Culp, Inc. (“Culp”), one of the major global marketers of upholstery textiles for residential and commercial furniture, is releasing “CULP powered by Nanobionic®,” a new upholstery fabric collection that focuses on wellness, just in time for the spring furniture market. This cutting-edge fabric line transforms furniture into a charging station for the human body using infrared technology, enabling users to recharge their bodies while unwinding. Culp’s new line of fabrics offers an interesting solution for furniture producers wishing to give retailers and customers with innovative design that enhances relaxation and rejuvenation through an exclusive cooperation with Nanobionic.

A mineral-based coating called Nanobionic combines science with health and recuperation. On any kind of fabric, leather, or faux leather, it is used as a soft covering. where the user’s natural body heat is converted into undetectable energy waves that return to the body via far infrared rays. In healthy people, this energy recycling encourages a momentary rise in blood flow at the point of application, resulting in improved circulation.

Tammy Buckner, senior vice president of design and marketing for Culp’s upholstery fabrics division, stated that “the demand for innovation continues to grow as consumers look for new solutions to improve and enhance their everyday lives.” “The CULP powered by Nanobionic® fabric collection enables individuals to use their furniture to relax, recharge, and recover in the comfort of their own homes. It is available in a gorgeous assortment of textiles including soft textures and attractive colours. Here is true textile invention of the next generation.

Iv Culp, President and Chief Executive Officer of Culp, Inc., commented on the firm’s new fabric line, saying, “Culp is known for its product innovation, including our well-known LiveSmart® performance fabrics and LiveSmart Evolve® sustainability fabrics, and we are extremely excited to partner with Nanobionic to bring this new technology to the home furnishings industry. We think a game-changing approach to provide a performance product that now works to boost the body is to include Nanobionic technology into everyday upholstered consumer goods.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has registered nanobionic goods as general wellness items. The prized NASA iTech award for best product innovation went to Nanobionic as well.