Burberry’s revenue increased by 88% to £479 million in the first quarter that concluded on June 26, 2021.
During the period, the British fashion retailer’s comparable store sales increased by an amazing 90%. Notably, the increase was 1% more than it was during the same period in 2019.
It is notable that the company performed so well despite the fact that more than 10% of its physical locations were closed due to the epidemic.
According to reports, the premium retailer’s full-price sales increased as a result of its collections’ popularity among young and new clients.
Furthermore, the company had excellent growth in mainland China and Korea, allowing Burberry to achieve outstanding comparable store sales growth of 27% in the Asia Pacific area.
Burberry’s achievement in China is surprising, given that the shop experienced a significant reaction in China earlier this year due to a restriction on cotton grown in Xinjiang.
Americas was also a solid market for the retailer during the quarter, with comparable sales increasing by 341 percent compared to last year and 34 percent compared to two years ago. Burberry, which was founded in 1856, now designs and sells ready-to-wear items like trench coats, leather products, and footwear, among other things.