Brugnoli, the Italian company specialised in high-end circular knit fabrics for sports, swimwear, lingerie, and ready-to-wear, displayed the new Explosive Technology of knitting, certified by Fulgar’s innovative technology of Lycra brand, at Performance Days. The functional fabric fair for sports was held on November 28 and 29, 2018, in Munich, Germany.

Explosive Technology is dedicated to the most functional fabrics that guarantees a real second skin effect. These fabrics offer a perfect balance between lightness and covering. They are certificated by Lycra brand for activewear, Lycra Sport PCE, for a right combination between compression and comfort, the company said in a press release.

Fabrics knitted with Explosive Technology reached top results on the market according to the Lycra Sport PCE certification. The innovative platform combines the proven stretch technology of Lycra fibre with the new proprietary power, comfort, and energy indexes (PCE) positioning them on a 1 to 10 scale in order to define properly the fabric performance.

Explosive Technology by Brugnoli scores 9/10, the maximum results in power compression, combined with the maximum level of comfort (9/10) minimising the athletic effort to make the movement, in both fabric directions: an outstanding result, present in all fabrics knitted with Explosive Technology. They make fabrics that caress the body and perfectly sustain it with an outstanding freedom of movement without any constriction.

These stunning outcomes are additional to the excellent basic features of the fabrics of Explosive range, such as perfect covering to avoid unpleasant transparencies during fabric elongation, flawless fit without baggings, UV 50+ protection, pilling resistance and no-abrasion, clean-cut, and non-curling.

Explosive Technology by Brugnoli is employed not only in plain fabrics, but also in fancy extra-flat jacquard creations, in denim effects and in eco-sustainable solutions as well, such as Br4 and B.recycled.

Br4 are stretch fabrics knitted with bio-based polyamide and an eco-sustainable process. Br4 not only uses the revolutionary bio-based polyamide EVO by Fulgar sourced from a plant – a totally renewable source – with an impact on climate change of 25 per cent less than standard polyamide. Br4 shows the heavy commitment of Brugnoli by reducing the impacts on the environment with a proprietary production process which reduces by 20 per cent water and energy consumption and help limiting CO2 emissions. B.recycled makes use of the premium recycled polyamide Q-NOVA by Fulgar which assures premium quality and environmental respect.

At Performance Days, Brugnoli also showcased NyWool, a collection dedicated to technical wool and FLEXBarrier, fabrics with high performing membrane bonded with fashionable and ultralight fabrics. (GK)


Author: Rajkap