The company was able to conduct a firsthand comparison of two vendors’ equipment.Elif Iplik is putting in a third Brückner stenter dryer at its Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, facility. Founded in 1999 as a yarn producer, the firm eventually added its own knitting mill and, in 2017, an in-house dyeing and finishing plant with a daily production of 40 tons of fabric.
Since 2018, Elif Iplik has been utilising four Brückner stenters. Hayri Taşdemir, the company’s general manager, believes the enormous production capacity, excellent quality of items, and flexibility of the machine are the most significant factors for him. He aims to enhance its capacity by 10 tonnes each day over the next five years.
Elif Iplik recently purchased new stenter frames from Brückner and Inter Tekstil. The firm is conserving energy, producing more in less time, and attaining excellent fabric quality. “Customer expectations are always changing, and we must be able to respond to them promptly in order to remain competitive,” the company adds.