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Breaking Fashion Barriers: Men’s Bold Color and Pattern Experiments

Published: June 27, 2023

Bengaluru, 26th June 2023: In recent years, the fashion industry has witnessed a refreshing shift as men are increasingly breaking free from traditional style norms by embracing bold colors and patterns. Venturing beyond conservative and muted attire, men are exploring uncharted fashion territory which is a significant departure from the norm of sticking to neutral tones & designs. Instead, a wave of daring sartorial choices has emerged, empowering them  to express their individuality and confidence through their clothing. 

ReshaMandi – India’s largest B2B marketplace for textile and fashion, has predicted in its latest trend forecast report, the festive season of August to February 2023-24 will be dominated by three key themes which are  Botanical Trail, Heritage Artistry, and Stellar Odyssey. Hyper-bright botanical, cosmic motifs, and contemporized artworks creating a sense of lively high-spirited playfulness will bring these themes together.

Men are anticipated to be bold in their choice of prints and colours, according to the company’s most recent forecast for Festive Winter 23-24 Ethnic men’s wear. 

 According to the forecast, the following are the key trends:

·         The futuristic ethnic wear  will be a fusion of tradition and innovation, that is unique and eclectic for the new-age man

·         Bold colours such as Black Beauty, Glacier Gray, Symphonic Sunset, Navy Peony, Formal Garden, are anticipated to make up the majority of the season’s palette

·         Prints like Quirky Botany, Winter Foliage, Kashida embroidery, and English Garden, and details like Ombre Artwork, translucency, asymmetric silhouettes, and computer embroidery will be popular this upcoming season

·         Straight-fit bowling shirts, comfortable straight-fit kurtas, Bandis with quilted detailing, Bandhgala/Sherwani with textured surfaces, co-ordinated kurts sets, slim pants and dhoti pants will be in trend

·         Fabrics and textures like raw silk, Tussar silk and velvet will be popular for winter wear as they are warm and luxurious. Along with these, cotton and linen blends will be preferred  for daywear

ReshaMandi is steadily creating the foundation for eco-friendly clothes, fabrics, and home furnishings in an effort to create a new universe of textiles. The idea behind this is to offer  consumers and businesses affordable, accessible, and sustainable alternatives.

ReshaMandi started out specializing in silk but has since broadened its product line to include natural fibres like cotton, jute, linen, and wool. A wide range of stakeholders, including farmers, reelers, weavers, retailers, mills, manufacturers, exporters, corporates, designers, and end users, are served by the organization that has changed the way the entire natural fibre ecosystem functions.

About ReshaMandi 

ReshaMandi is India’s first and largest farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for the natural fibre supply  chain. With a vision to become the global leader in traceable and sustainable fashion, the company began with a focus on silk and has diversified by adding other natural fibres to its portfolio such as cotton, jute, coir and banana. ReshaMandi works with 100,000+ farmers, 10,000+ reelers, 17,500+ weavers, and 18500+ retailers in the entire natural fibre supply chain to improve productivity, boost their bottom line and eventually be instrumental in transforming the quality of their lives. 

ReshaMandi also has a  D2C  e-commerce platform,  which caters to end consumers, bringing them exquisite sarees from different parts of India. Today, the company manages the entire ecosystem for all natural fibres catering to a diverse set of stakeholders such as farmers, reelers and weavers on one side and retailers, mills, manufacturers, exporters, corporates, designers and end consumers on the other. It is now serving the whole Indian natural fibres industry as a result of becoming the ecosystem’s chosen sourcing partner for all of its stakeholders. With its recent debut into the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, and SouthEast Asia, its mission is to enable the value chain of fabrics, apparel, home furnishings, and accessories through technology-first solutions that bring transparency, fair pricing, and quality to be the pillars of the fashion & textile industry.

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