2020 has been an eye-opener for all of us, especially when it comes to the usage and promotion of environmentally friendly products. From groceries to clothes, we make constant conscious decisions while shopping. Amidst many sustainable brands in the market, VRONE is an emerging label that believes in interspersing the concept of Indian Streetwear with Sustainability. The collection launch will be a unique style of clothing, with limited pieces, propagating the Founder’s notion to ‘BUY LESS’.

About Varun Bansal:

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Varun holds a degree from AMITY University. His father has been in the fashion industry for over 32 years. They focus on the manufacturing and supply of garments to various districts and other retail stores around Hyderabad predominantly. Being rooted in India helped him gain immense knowledge about the fashion industry and also motivated him to start his label VRONE. He started to work on the idea of eco-friendly fashion during the lockdown period. Constant research on environment-friendly fabrics and an avid lover of streetwear fashion emerged the first collection of VRONE titled ‘Nature is Future’ aims to launch in the early weeks of November 2020.  This collection comprises of comfy, lounge-wear outfits which are 100% cotton, barring polyester from all production processes. The fusion of various Indian embroideries printed on western Sweatshirts and oversized tees is the USP for this collection.

An eco and socio conscious individual, Varun hopes to make a resounding difference in the space of Indian Streetwear.