BRADFORD’S MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES SERVICE will take the lead in a major new national project to connect and make public collections from across the UK’s industrial heritage more accessible.
The Congruence Engine project is one of five Discovery Projects sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of the ambitious £14.5 million five-year Towards a National Collection initiative.
The largest investigation of its kind to be undertaken to date, anywhere in the world, is being carried out in Bradford. The Congruence Engine project will use the latest digital techniques to connect an unprecedented range of items from collections held in different locations. Items will be brought together to tell their stories and share their secrets with the wider public. Bradford has been chosen as part of a major national project to bring to life the nation’s rich industrial heritage. The project, Towards a National Collection’s Discovery Projects, aims to explore the district’s textile and industrial past. Bradford was once known as the ‘Wool Capital of the World’ producing some of the finest worsted fabrics used to make tailored garments like suits.