The Retraced GmbH (“retraced”) transparency app was introduced by Boyish Jeans (“Boyish”) on their online website. The eCommerce plugin helps Boyish to share the innovative production chains behind their goods and to highlight the contributions made by the companies towards social responsibility.

Since then, the company has been operating closely with the onboard platform and linking its chosen network of sustainable supply chain partners such as Bossa Factories, Strom Denim, and Lenzing AG. This involved embedding the respective suppliers into the program, obtaining details on their ethical manufacturing practices and requirements, and checking their certifications and statements.

The company was thus willing to earn eight badges in terms of openness, justice and environmental protection. Visitors to Boyish ‘s website will now press the retraced button to read more about the path of the drug, the production methods and the environmental consequences.

As a sustainable company that is already fully open, we found that directly about our supply chain we should be even more clear. The integration of Retraced ‘s technologies into our website would include some crucial facts and provide our consumers with ever more knowledge regarding their buying choice. We expect there will be more companies entering Retraced in this attempt to shed light on the on the impact of fashion.

The retraced launch is yet another important achievement for the LA-based company on its sustainability journey. Boyish has been dedicated to creating world and human-friendly women’s denim and communicating the cycle along the way, since its founding in 2018. The company plans to chart and coordinate all of its supply chain before the end of 2020.