Los Angeles based boyish jeans a sustainable women’s Denim brand has launched the Retraced GmbH transparency widget on its online store to spotlights the sustainability efforts and achievements.

Boyish joined the Retraced transparency platform ‘retraced’ in March 2020. Since then, the brand has worked diligently with the tool to onboard and connect its selected network of sustainable supply chain partners, such as Bossa Mills, Strom Denim, and Lenzing AG. This included onboarding the respective suppliers into the system, collecting information on their ethical production methods and standards, and verifying their certifications and claims.

As a result, the brand was able to obtain eight badges with regards to transparency, fairness, and environmental sustainability. Visitors on Boyish’s website can now click on the retraced plugin and learn more about the product’s journey, the production processes, and the environmental implications.

Since its foundation in 2018, Boyish has committed to making the planet and people-friendly women’s denim and sharing the process along the way. The brand aims to have its entire supply chain mapped and communicated by the end of 2020.