Boston Industrial Solutions, manufacturer of screen printing silicone inks, has introduced the Volta  S150 screen printing machine which is a single color semi-automatic tabletop screen printing machine for printing uniforms, Denim materials, neck label on T-shirts, Denim waistband, Denim pant pockets, face mask, and other promotional items.

The Volta S150 is a user-friendly tagless label printing machine, perfect for both start-ups and demanding heavy-duty industrial textile printing operations. The Volta S150 is not only a great face mask printing machine but also a perfect machine to print on flat promotional products and industrial parts up to 4.2″ high.

Volta S150 tagless printing machine is ideal to print with the Natron screen printing inks, including silicone inks for textiles and rubber, LED UV screen printing inks, water-based inks, solvent screen printing inks, including the MG Series inks for glass.

Tagless screen printing with the S150 produces vibrant, high opacity, soft, crisp, and wash-resistant images on cotton, nylon, polyester, denim, fleece, spandex, and ribbed textiles. The process is superior to tagless pad printing because of the ability to print bright white images on dark substrates at extremely low costs. In addition, this process is superior to heat transfer labels for jeans and denim materials at incredible speed and cost savings—an impossibility with pad printing process today.