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Published: June 5, 2024

At the upcoming DENIM PV Milan on June 5-6, Paolo Gnutti will present his new collection, ISKO™ Luxury by PG Born to Amaze FW 2025/26, which combines ISKO’s advanced innovation and sustainable approach with his creative vision.

A collection that was born out of the desire to explore the past where know-how brought to life timeless classic and unique garments. The study of past skills led to this new collection where classic taste is reinterpreted with a modern vision and the will to create quality garments, durable and tasteful.

In addition, the new collection is created with a sustainable vision, as all fabric bases used in the collection are produced by ISKO and powered by RE&UP recycling technologies.

“In the creations of my new FW 2025-26 collection, ISKO has been a unique and amazing partner because they have allowed me to create a collection that is amazing both visually and ethically speaking, thanks to their circular vision and advanced technology. For e.g. ISKO uses Next-Gen Cotton and Next-Gen Polyester in their fabrics from RE&UP, a circulartech company that transforms end-of-life textile waste at scale and produces high quality recycled fibers”. Says Paolo Gnutti, Creative Director of ISKO™ Luxury by PG.

Six new capsules are brought to life in the FW 2025/26 collection:


This collection was inspired by the great elegance classic, the pinstripe, used in the 30’s by the most famous gangsters (but not exclusively). Two opposite worlds merge together: one featuring the classic combed wool and flannel, the other the chameleonic world of denim. This union gave birth to Godfather Denim: Sartorial-cut garments oozing authentic denim taste, to catch a teen market where sartorial clothes are less considered. In the latest most well-known fashion shows, pinstripe is the main focus, and this is our take on it.


We have taken the world of velvet fabrics, renowned for its brilliant tones and timeless richness, and brought it into our realm. Through our innovative finishes, we have transformed this traditionally static fabric into a versatile product, suitable for a wide range of garments. Vintage effects and overdyes breathe life into a new line that promises to captivate and inspire.


New developments of colors and fabrics have been integrated to the past collections, to give continuity and innovation to a product that is growing more and more on each market season after season.

Peach Denim is not only just a fashion collection, it became a new essential on the denim scene.


This collection has been meticulously designed to preserve the authentic denim look while adding a transparent “second skin”—a glass-like layer that keeps the fabric visible yet subtly veiled. This innovative capsule is dedicated to the technical world of coats and accessories, anticipating external changes and challenges.


Fur Denim will be the new frontier in the world of accessories. Whether for bags and suitcases, coats and jackets, or even pants and skirts, our Fur Denim is designed to suit any individual or item. The essence of this collection lies in the imagination of those who use it.


Flock shines in a new light:

Temperatures and dyes aren’t a problem anymore, actually, are the base to transform this product in the new denim color.

An all-over flock suitable for garment dye that will give brands’ even more fashion and style.

“My philosophy in creating new collections has always been to look to the past in order to propose fashion in the present that looks to the future.

This time traveling also leads me to explore worlds other than clothing, to study worlds related to it such as, for example, the furniture of the past, the accessories and jewelry of the past, that is, everything that has a story to tell and is a source of inspiration for me.

Then I turn it into what I think is missing in the market in terms of  product, something that is outside of all rules and patterns.

This is how my collections are born, to surprise, to amaze with new and never seen products or reinterpreted with a futuristic vision.

I always tell my children as well, the only limit to creativity is to set limits for yourself.“ Concludes Paolo Gnutti.

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