Skinny jeans may reign supreme, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only popular denim trend.

Proving that fashion trends inevitably return eventually, Balenciaga’s new line of men’s denim focuses on the mid-90’s trend of bootcut – prompting Vanity Fair and men’s style bible GQ to declare the return of the boot-cut jeans.

The cut, which flares slightly out at the bottom to accommodate a boot, was brought back by the brand’s designer Demna Gvasalia and featured in Balenciaga’s 2019 resort collection – to the dismay of many who prefer the style stay in the past.

On Twitter, Balenciaga version of the jeans and the announcement of a comeback has been met with a lack of enthusiasm.

“Balenciaga resort jeans are the scariest thing I have seen since Hereditary,” one person wrote.

Another asked: “Is this a joke?” while someone else said: “We can stop this. There’s still time.”

Unfortunately, the trend has already caught on with other brands as well – with Nordstrom offering high-end versions and Levi’s always producing the style.

However, whether the old-fashioned style actually catches on is questionable, as GQ points out that its return coincides with a fashion moment in history where unique sneakers are the centre of attention.

With typical bootcut jeans, it is near-impossible to show off your footwear – as even Balenciaga’s version shows hems reaching floor-length.

But the 2018 reincarnation of the bootcut may have thought of that as well – with some styles featuring shorter, even ankle-length, flares.