Birla Cellulose, ( of USD 44.3 Billion Aditya Birla Group, one of the global leaders in man-made cellulosic fibre (MMCF), has emerged as the top company for eliminating endangered forests from its supply chain in the environmental non-profit Canopy’s 2019 Hot Button Ranking and Report.

“The Aditya Birla Group firmly believes and advocates against the concept of undertaking half-hearted efforts and the same is reflective through the quality of work that it undertakes. It is because of this firm belief of ours that we have been successful in achieving a great ranking in Canopy’s Hot Button Ranking and Report for the third consecutive time and we solemnly pledge to strive towards achieving and establishing higher benchmarks in the years to come,” Dilip Gaur, Business Director – Global Pulp & Fibre Business and Managing Director – Grasim Industries Ltd., a flagship company of Aditya Birla Group.

Canopy’s Hot Button Report evaluates the global producers of viscose and ranks them on the sustainability aspects of their raw material sourcing practices. The criteria of ranking include protection of ancient and endangered forests, innovations in alternate raw material developments and supporting global forest conservation solutions. The viscose producers are inspected and awarded ‘green buttons’ based on parameters such as completion of CanopyStyle audits, contributions to forest conservation, using new alternative fibres, wood sourcing that promotes sustainable forestry, social accountability related to forestry, transparency and traceability.

It is heartening to see the broad impact of Canopy’s initiatives that more than 200+ brands, retailers and designers have committed towards protection of ancient and endangered forests and sustainable forestry by working on their sourcing policy of viscose preference to viscose producers with higher ranks in the Hot Button report. This is positive development and would lead to sustainable forestry practices by the textile industry, protection of forests and its net positive growth play an important role in mitigating climate change impacts. Viscose comes from the nature and goes back to the nature as it is fully bio-degradable, produced using closed loop manufacturing it is among the most sustainable choice of fibre for textile applications.

Birla Cellulose has developed innovative technologies to recycle pre-consumer wastes that has immensely benefited actively taken part in the movement of using

alternate means of raw material for the generation of its products and has been immensely beneficial in successfully catapulting the company to the highest spot in the market.

Birla Cellulose utilizes an extremely efficient product traceability system which makes it possible to trace the source of fibre across its value chain, this can help consumer select a more sustainable fabric.

Leadership in Canopy’s 2020 Hot Button Ranking is another testimonial of our goal to be a leader in the Sustainable Business Practices and it is the endeavour to continue our work in this direction.