In a breakthrough innovation which could be a step towards new raw material fibre input, Birla Cellulose, one of the global leaders in manmade cellulose fibre (MMCF), has manufactured viscose fibre using pre-consumer cotton fabric waste. This innovation has been done through in-house R&D and uses a minimum of 20 per cent pre-consumer industrial fabric waste.

The new line of viscose has the distinction of Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) and portrays Birla Cellulose’s commitment to a more circular economy. The latest innovation is already being adopted and is available for sale to interested brands and retailers, Birla Cellulose said in a press release.

Fabrics from the fibre offer excellent attributes similar to virgin fibre. The business will work on further developing products made with more than 50 per cent industrial fabric waste as well as post-consumer clothing as inputs in 2020, the release added.

“Launching of recycled viscose fibre is part of our commitment for circularity and sustainable practices. We are also working on developing fibres using post-consumer clothing as inputs, in collaboration with technology providers and brands,” said Dilip Gaur, business director, Pulp and Fibre Business, Aditya Birla Group.

The fashion industry which is at the cusp of transformation towards a circular economy has much appreciated this innovation. It adds to Birla Cellulose’s stature as a leader in achieving “low risk” in its 2017 Canopy Style audits and a green shirt ranking in the Hot Button Report, both of which indicate that Birla is not sourcing from key priority areas of Ancient and Endangered forests.

“We are thrilled that Birla Cellulose is launching a commercial-scale product made of recycled material and their drive towards developing solutions for 50 per cent plus recycled content by 2020. This is fantastic news for the world’s forests and climate – and welcomed news for our 200 fashion brand partners that are looking for fabrics that meet Canopy’s vision of safeguarding Ancient and Endangered Forests, Said Nicole Rycroft, founder and executive director, Canopy.

Birla Cellulose has been in active collaboration with brands, technology providers and textile chain actors to integrate and enhance value. Going forward, Birla Cellulose will intensify and strengthen its specialty portfolio towards value-added green textile solutions for the future.