Mumbai: Liva, the fashion ingredient brand from Birla Cellulose, part of Grasim Industries Ltd, flagship company of US $48.3-billion Aditya Birla Group, has launched Antimicrobial fibres, a breakthrough innovation that not only kills viruses and bacteria, but also inhibits their growth, keeping the fabric fresh and hygienic in the long run.

The latest innovation—Liva with added protection of Antimicrobial fibres by Birla Cellulose — is a leap forward in fashion by successfully injecting antimicrobial agent into Viscose Staple Fibre which when woven or knitted into a fabric offers protection to the wearer from bacteria and viruses, lasting over multiple washes while retaining comfort, fluidity and softness of the fabric. Be it introducing fluid fashion or offering sustainable solutions through Livaeco, Liva has always been a fashion forward brand. Today, when the world is embracing a change known as “the new normal”, understanding consumer needs, – Liva’s special fabric inherently possesses Antimicrobial properties which kills 99% of bacteria and viruses and also inhibits their growth on apparels and home-textiles, thereby making it safe for you.

Introduced in a first ever virtual launch through a webcast, Mr. Rajeev Gopal, Group Executive President and Global Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Pulp and Fibre Business, Aditya Birla Group said, “Antimicrobial products are currently the need of the hour and will continue to be the point of focus in the near future. Liva with added protection of Antimicrobial fibres by Birla Cellulose, is not just antimicrobial but also long lasting, while it keeps the fashion quotient high. At Liva, our aim is to make Apparels and Home-Textiles safe without compromising on performance and fashion.”


Developed using in-house technology by Birla Cellulose’s Research & Development team, antimicrobial agents are injected during the fibre manufacturing stage, making it an integral part of the fibre and providing durable antimicrobial properties. The science behind the technology involves the active agent being strongly bonded with the substrate, resulting in excellent durability to wash & wear. The interactions between cell membrane of the microbe and the active agent causes the interruption of all essential functions of the cell membrane and, consequently, the cell membrane gets ruptured and destroys the microbe. These agents inherently bond with fibres, resulting excellent durability to wash & wear and help retain antimicrobial effectiveness through multiple washes. This effectiveness is tested under stringent ISO standards and authenticated by International labs. Moreover, due to its nature–based origin, the fabric is skin-friendly. Killing of microbes inhibits odor development, keeps the fabric fresh and increases hygiene.

Liva with added protection of Antimicrobial fibres by Birla Cellulose, can be used in producing Menswear, Womenswear, Kidswear, Athleisure, Intimate wear, Accessories and in Home-Textile applications.

Traceability & Transparency for the Value Chain

Liva with added protection of Antimicrobial fibres by Birla Cellulose has a unique tracer in its fibre which helps in source verification at all stages of the Textile Value Chain and removes any possibility of counterfeit or dilution. Blockchain Technology based tool – Green Track™ is used to trace upward and downward value chain, to maintain authenticity of data.