Bhagalpur is a divisional town of historical importance situated on the southern bank of the Ganga river. The Bhagalpur weavers history traces back to over 100 years. It was a family tradition among the lower income group of people to take up the weaving job.
All verities of vanya silk le tussar, Eri and muga are used in different compositions to produce a wide range of home furnishing Fabric mainly for exports.
The annual production of handloom tassar silks 200 MT 50 to silk tussar fabrics are exported by the exporter based in Bhagalpur, Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai and the rest 50% of the fabrics converted Into sarees, dress material and sold the domestic market

Details –

Number of handlooms – 70,000

Number of weavers – 30,000

Handloom products – bhagalpur sarees, dress materials and home furnishings.

Cluster Accessibility – 

Bhagalpur is well connected with Roadways indian Railways Roadways 16 km away from Old Gt Bus stop.

RAILWAYS- 18km away from Bhgalpur railway station.

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