Bestseller, a Danish fashion store, has stated that it would invest in three emerging innovators: Circular Systems, Nature Coatings, and Evrnu.
It comes only a month after the company supported Infinited Fiber Company’s most recent investment round, in which it secured €30 million (US$35.6 million) to help grow its fibre technology.
Bestseller’s sustainable materials and innovation manager, Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, says major brands need to invest in companies like Circular Systems, Evrnu and Nature Coatings. The three start-ups have each piqued the interest of leading industry stakeholders to date, but their respective ‘sustainable’ technologies would still require significant investment to make them mainstream. “Brands and innovators are inherently interdependent,” she says. Bestseller is not done with exploring investments in this space.