Danish brand Bestseller, provides affordable clothing for women, men, teenagers and children. They joined Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) for securing transparent organic cotton.

Bestseller signed a deal with two farm groups in India, of almost 2,000 organic cotton farmers, to get direct supply for the 2020/2021 season. India, being the leading producer of organic cotton globally.

They wanted to know where it came from, the communities that grew it, what impact this investment will have. Around 1,500 tonnes of organic cotton are expected to be secured from the current harvest that will be used directly in Bestseller’s supply chain.

This amount can be utilized for the manufacturing of almost 3 million T-shirts. Cotton accounts for 50 per cent of the retailer’s total fibre consumption.

The transparency of organic cotton supply is a concern as it amounts to only one percent of the global cotton production. Direct contact with the farmers would be the best way to secure integrity, quality and supply. Connection between the retailers and the farmers removing any middlemen, ensures authenticity. This initiative will help reduce the use of any chemical, pesticides, fertilizers drastically. As a result, improving the economy and environment.

They will participate in the OCA’s initiative of Farm Engagement & Development (FED) projects in 2020/21. This project will provide a fraction of cotton that will be used in 2021. Bestseller is also exploring similar ventures in Africa, Pakistan and Turkey.