Which women’s leather gloves are best?

Women’s fashion isn’t always practical, but women’s leather gloves are an exception to this rule. Not only do women’s leather gloves complement nearly any wardrobe, but they also offer practical benefits to the wearer. Leather gloves are durable, protective, and often warm enough for chilly temperatures. If you’re looking for a classically designed pair of leather gloves that are also convenient to wear, check out our top choice, the isotoner Women’s Classic Stretch Leather Gloves.

What to know before you buy women’s leather gloves


Women’s leather gloves generally come in three varieties: wrist, gauntlet and coat lengths.

  • Wrist length: Wrist length gloves reach all the way to the wrist bone and provide coverage around the heel of the hand. These gloves are the shortest option, though they can be an inch longer or shorter.
  • Gauntlet variety: These gloves vary in length, but most of them go beyond the wearer’s wrist to around halfway up the forearm. Gauntlet-length gloves offer a lot of protection against the elements. They also make for convenient driving gloves.
  • Coat length: These gloves are usually as long as, if not longer than, gauntlet variety gloves. What makes them different is that they have a wider opening.